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We are so thrilled with our total experience with Christine DiPasquale Photography. Christine helped our family feel so comfortable in front of the camera, which is not easy to do with a 22 month and 4 year old, and camera-shy parents. She was beyond generous with her time and creative ideas to let the girls' personalities come out, which really showed in all the amazing shots she got. Nothing felt contrived, and if you can believe it, we actually had fun! (Let's face it, family photos can be stressful, so it is a true gift when that is not the case). And finally, in post-production, Christine was communicative and oh so easy to work with on fine-tuning the final selects. Honestly, we had such a positive experience that we would refer anyone and will absolutely be back again next fall.

~ Dana O (family portraits, 2015)

Wow these are amazing! The whole group is loving them! Thank you so much again Christine, was so fun working with you.

~ Max Godnick (publicity stills, 2016)

We loved our experience with Christine. Our 2 year old was not in the best mood and she worked her magic to get the absolute best pictures of him. Working with her was fun and easy. Not only were the pictures amazing, I emailed her asking if I could get the pictures earlier and within days I had them. We will be back for all future pictures. Thanks so much for great pictures and wonderful memories.

~The Bergs (family portraits, 2015)

OMG OMG OMG OMG .... that is all I can say!!!! OMG!!!! More later when my breath comes back!!!

~ Dana G (family portraits, 2015)

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of the girls! We've never had such beautiful photos of them.

~Ostomel Family (family portraits, 2015)

"What's a stage, an audience and good material without a brand? Christine DiPasquale captured our comedy group and provided us with a package of stunning photos that we'll use to promote ourselves and make self-deprecating comments about for years to come! A thousand thank you's!"  

~ Rad Motel Sketch Comedy (publicity stills, 2016)

Wow! Thank you for photographing our family so beautifully. We have been taking family holiday portraits for over 9 years and I have to say this is the best work EVER. You are really great at engaging your clients and know how to bring out the best in kids. The photos speak for themselves. The day we picked for our session was unseasonably cold. So cold that our son had a hard time staying motivated. But, you completely went with the flow and asked for some ‘tude, HA!  These turned out to be some of the cutest photos in the portfolio. Thanks for doing such an amazing job!

~ The Chandlers (family portraits, 2015)

Christine – you truly capture the essence of who our children are in your photographs. I’ve never seen their personalities come through in photos the way you capture them!!! You have a tremendous eye and never disappoint! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with our family. It’s a true gift to have images that will be with us forever.  xx

~ The Downes (family portraits, 2015)

I recommend Christine to everyone! Her eye is amazing and special. She sees how something can be beautiful and interesting in places others would never think of and creates a photo full of spirit and music! She is gifted in her ability to bond with people, at any age and bring out their personalities, their glory, and their beauty!

~ Ertischek Family (email #2, family portraits, 2015)

Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of my family. My youngest is super active, and my daughter wasn’t feeling well on the day of the shoot. You managed to get my older kids to trust you immediately, which is not a small feat. They were happy to cooperate, even if the little guy was still hard to pin down. In the end, we got great pictures, including a gorgeous family photo with everyone looking at the camera!

~ Modell Family (family portraits, 2015)

Thank you!! Yesterday was so lovely, you are so good at what you do. You are super creative (you see so many beautiful spots I would never notice, and come up with amazing ways to have people and the landscape interact). I am also amazed by your ability to work with people and the way you are able to get my kids to engage, to bring Zac's energy out in a productive way and to bring Lila's high energy into focus! Cannot wait to see the shots, but to be honest I really enjoyed the time! You are amazing! Thank you!

~ Dana (email #1, family portraits, 2015)

Ohhh, these are so beautiful. Christine, you capture my girls like no one else. What a gift. Xoxo

~ Betsy (family portraits, 2015)

You make the whole process seem effortless!! Such a beautiful photographer you are...look at that shot!!!!

Jaime (family portraits, 2015)

It takes an amazing photographer to capture this so wonderfully! Unreal. It's your magic, Christine. 

~ Remeise (family portraits, 2015)

Working with Christine is a seamless, joyful experience. She is so intuitive and sensitive to the moods of her subject - she captures unexpected moments beautifully. I had the pleasure of shooting with Christine at Steinway Hall, one of New York's greatest landmarks and one with deep personal significance for me as a concert pianist. The photographs she took that day capture so exquisitely the history and legacy of the space, and the emotions it evoked in me. I'll always treasure those images.  

Lara Downes, concert pianist.  2015

Christine took absolutely beautiful photos of our son's bar mitzvah and really captured the joy of the day. She was pleasure to work with: easygoing while helping us figure out what we wanted, and with a warm presence during the party. I even got compliments about her from our guests! Our younger son's bar mitzvah is in three years, and we'll be back!  My heartfelt endorsement ...  

~ Corrine, Bar Mitzvah 2015

During the past few months, I had the pleasure to work with many people. In my top 3, you would find Deployed's photographer, Christine DiPasquale. She is a consummate professional, easy to work with, and generous. Her work speaks for itself. I strongly recommend that you put Christine at the top of your photographers list. Any show would benefit by having her on their team.  

~ Jessy Brouillard, Writer/Producer.  Broadway musical production stills, 2014

Christine shot still photos for a film that I'm directing about New York City's Christmas tree sellers. She spent hours documenting the tree stands, walking up and down the neighborhood in tough weather conditions. The pictures that she shot were amazing. Christine has a great eye and a real feeling for her subjects that come through in all of her work. I was so impressed by the photos and look forward to including them in my film.  

~ Brad Rothschild, Writer/Producer. Film production stills. 2014

They are stunning!!!! You are amazing!!  

~ Dana (family portraits, 2014)

Thanks so much for the photos! Really grateful that you went way above and beyond. And you are a real talent! 

~ Chapman (family portraits, 2014)

We are both so overwhelmed by the amazing work and how spectacular the photos are! They are just beyond our wildest expectations. Whittling down to my favorites is going to be hard! And there are SO MANY great ones of P and she was the one I was worried about. So many photos have truly brought tears to my eyes at the beauty you have captured in both girls.

~ Joelle (family portraits, 2014)

Christine! I'm looking through all of these beautiful Luau pictures! THANK YOU for capturing these memories, you are incredible. I know you've been so busy with all of these graduation events, so truly thank you! I'm cherishing these all forever! 

~ Julianne (graduation party, 2015)

Oh my goodness...Christine these are SO great!!!! Thank you, thank you. There were so many amazing shots you captured, I can't wait to show my husband he's going to flip out. We'll for sure schedule something again.  Thank YOU for including us in your work :)  xoxo

~ Norwood Family (family portraits, 2013)

Christine, we can't thank you enough for the gorgeous photos of our family!! Lifetime treasures! xox

~ Downes Family (family portraits, 2014)

I think this will be our forever holiday card photo.  Thank you!  

~ Leslie (Family Portraits, 2014)

The photos are STUNNING!!! I have no earthly idea how I'm going to pick out what I want! Thank you so much though- they are so beautiful!!!  

~ Shilpa (family portraits, 2013)

OMG these are fabulous!!!  You got amazing shots and the light and colors are stunning!  I love them all and now am stuck figuring out which to get. I have no idea how i will choose!!  Thank you so much for your patience, determination and humor - and for putting up with 3 wildly energetic and willful boys :)  Thanks again for everything, we all had a lot of fun at the shoot, and these shots are amazing!!

~ Caren (family Portraits, 2013)

Wow - these are amazing! I am blown away by the great shots of the boys! I am going to have a hard time narrowing down the choices. I will let you know soon.  You were fantastic with Ryan - he was smiling for the whole night!  

Karen (family portraits, 2013)

Christine you have such a great eye! You're game for anything and your energy makes every session a true pleasure! Thank you for capturing our memories.

Jenny (family portraits, 2014)

If any of my NY friends are looking for amazing holiday pictures, Christine DiPasquale is your person. She's an incredible photographer and will capture your family in ways unimaginable. Obviously I highly recommend her!!!  

~ Laurie (family portraits, 2013/2014)

WOW!! I was absolutely thrilled with the amazing photos you took of my 6 month old daughter, Julia. You captured every aspect of her personality and not once did you  look at your watch to see if we were going over our allotted time. You are a consummate professional, extremely patient and a brilliant photographer. I've already recommended you to friends and family. Thank you Christine!

Joanna (family portraits, 2014)

Thank you, thank you, thank you - these are amazing. You are wonderfully talented!  We all love the photos, and you are welcome to post samples. You make everyone beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous work! xo

~  Zempetti Family (family portraits, 2014)

The photos are gorgeous!! You did a fantastic job!

Chad (family portraits, 2013)

We have not taken professional photos of our family for years and my only other experience was a little stressful to say the least. You made the process fun and relaxed, which made it easy for us to go with the flow - and with a 20 month old and a 5 year old cooperation can at times be unpredictable. The outcome were insanely beautiful photos of our children!! Your photography is a true work of art and you really captured the spirit of our kids. You can see the joy you have in your work shine through.  

Rothauser Family (family portraits, 2013)

Christine has a natural talent for working with people of all ages and capturing special moments with such an artistic eye. Her photos are breathtaking -- from posed portraits to active candids. Check out her galleries. You will be so happy if you choose to use her as a photographer.  

Debbie (Bat Mitzvah, 2014)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this! The photos are beautiful and you did a great job. I thought your slideshow actually provided a better sense of graduation than the video did.

~ Leslie (commencement photos, 2014)

I just want to thank you for the extraordinary amount of time you spent with us today. If I'm not mistaken, 2 hours went by!  You really went above and beyond - in the face of difficult little subjects. (I'm so sorry!) I truly admire how much you love photography, the kids and the art of getting it "just right". I really don't know anyone who would keep at it with the patience and dedication that you did. A very, very, very BIG THANK YOU!

~ Anna (family portraits, 2014)

Amazing shots. We went to Book of Mormon last night. I wish I had shots like this to take away. You have a gift  :-)  

~ Jonni  (production stills, 2014)

These are so amazing I can't thank you enough. Wow!!!!  I just keep looking at them over and over.  What can I say, I'm a narcissist.  

Jaime  (Family Portraits, 2014)

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Girls, Inc. 

Deployed: The Musical (NYMF musical)

Broadway By The Year,  numerous years/shows

Tree Man: A Documentary

Mount Desert Island Biotechnology

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (Off Broadway Production Stills)

Christopher Reeve Foundation

Natasha & the Bass Line (Off Broadway Production Stills/Show Stills)

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