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I'm a consummate professional, hard working, tireless and always looking for inspiring shots that will speak to you and your audience.  I love shooting production stills. The energy and the passion of a set inspires me - be it a movie, theatre or music or dance set. 

Some of what my clients say: 

During the past few months, I had the pleasure to work with many people. In my top 3, you would find Deployed's photographer, Christine DiPasquale. She is a consummate professional, easy to work with, and generous. Her work speaks for itself. I strongly recommend that you put Christine at the top of your photographers list. Any show would benefit by having her on their team.

  ~ Jessy Brouillard, Writer/Producer. Broadway production stills.

Christine shot still photos for a film that I'm directing about New York City's Christmas tree sellers. She spent hours documenting the tree stands, walking up and down the neighborhood in tough weather conditions. The pictures that she shot were amazing. Christine has a great eye and a real feeling for her subjects that come through in all of her work. I was so impressed by the photos and look forward to including them in my film.

  ~ Brad Rothschild, Writer/Producer. Movie  production stills used for promotion, movie poster and DVD cover.

Working with Christine is a seamless, joyful experience. She is so intuitive and sensitive to the moods of her subject - she captures unexpected moments beautifully. I had the pleasure of shooting with Christine at Steinway Hall, one of New York's greatest landmarks and one with deep personal significance for me as a concert pianist. The photographs she took that day capture so exquisitely the history and legacy of the space, and the emotions it evoked in me. I'll always treasure those images.

  ~ Lara Downes, Concert Pianist. 

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